About Us

Toby the AlsationPanels for Dogs was founded by Martin who had a problem.

His dog, an Alsation called Toby was fantastic in every way except one – when he was left alone at home he was a bit of an escape artist.  He would get bored and damage the garden / house costing them money and causing him stress.  He was also concerned about the safety of Toby – what if he gets out and is involved in an accident?  Didn’t bear thinking about.

Then there’s the problem of security – you hear so many stories about dogs being taken and sold off for whatever reason.

All in all, Martin wanted to find a solution to the problem so he looked around the internet.

Yes, he could buy a kennel which would possibly solve the problem but he decided on a galvanised metal dog run.  Why?

  • Toby liked the fresh air and was certainly “made” for our climate with his luxurious coat.
  • The run would be easy to clean – with a concrete or wooden base it could be power washed down and Martin even put in a drainage system so the mess would be diverted away from the garden.
  • It was secure – the doors were made so that padlocks could be added to deter would be dog-nappers from getting in and brackets were bolted on the floor to give the added protection.
  • It was adaptable – to start with, Martin had a 4m x 4m square (which was made up of 7 x 2m panels and 1 x 2m gate) but because of the way they were bolted together, you could add more as required.  If you get more dogs you might want to get a bigger run?  It’s good to be flexible for the future.
  • Can have a roof attached.  Martin didn’t do this – Toby was only going to be outside when family wasn’t around to keep an eye on him but it was an extremely easy job to add a roof to the run and provide shade from the sun and keep the worst of the rain off.
  • Ease of construction – each of the panels were bolted together with the supplied nuts and bolts.

All in all, the galvanised panels seemed the best bet.

So good, after buying the panels for Toby he decided to offer the same high quality, fully galvanised panels to others.

And so this website was born!